Rans S6-ES, G-TSOB, 5 August 2011

Rans S6-ES, G-TSOB


The student pilot, flying solo, was completing the second circuit of a planned 45-minute solo consolidation flight. Runway 36 was in use. For the first circuit the wind was calm but during the second circuit the windsock indicated a cross and tail wind. This was estimated to be from 160º at 7 kt. On late finals, the pilot noted that the airspeed was slightly higher than planned and that the anticipated touchdown point was further down the runway, but before the halfway point.

The initial touchdown was on the main gear but the aircraft bounced and pitched nose-up. The pilot eased the back pressure on the elevator control but, as the aircraft sank back to the ground, the aircraft pitched nose down, touching down on, and damaging, the nose gear. The aircraft bounced briefly again before landing. During the landing roll the damaged nose gear dug into the ground and detached. The aircraft then pitched over to the inverted position before coming to rest, causing damage to the wing struts and fin. The pilot, who was wearing a lap and diagonal belt harness, was uninjured and made the aircraft safe before exiting.

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