Rans S6-ES Coyote II, G-CBZG, 30 April 2011

Rans S6-ES Coyote II, G-CBZG


The pilot reported that, while landing on Runway 12, the aircraft bounced on its main landing gear. The pilot lowered the nose and the aircraft landed heavily on its nose landing gear, before bouncing into the air a second time. The aircraft then landed normally on its main landing gear and, as the pilot lowered the nose landing gear on to the runway, the nose gear fork detached. The nose landing gear leg dug into the grass runway tipping the aircraft forward on to its propeller. The aircraft came to rest on the remains of the nose leg and propeller spinner. The surface wind was reported to be down the runway at 10 kt. The pilot concluded that he should have held the landing attitude or gone around after the aircraft’s first bounce.

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Rans S6-ES Coyote II, G-CBZG 09-11.pdf (214.67 kb)

Published 10 December 2014