RAF 2000 GTX-SE, G-BXAC, 14 September 2008



Following a stable final approach and just prior to landing, the pilot elected to move his touchdown point significantly further down Runway 07 to reduce the transit distance to the turnoff and thus vacate the runway more rapidly. The weather was fine but with a 4 kt breeze blowing from the south-south-east, across the runway, resulting in the pilot flying the approach with ‘crossed controls’. When the gyroplane was about five feet above the ground, it descended rapidly and turned to the left. The pilot responded by increasing engine power, but could not arrest the rate of descent and the aircraft landed heavily on the runway before rolling onto its left side. The pilot candidly admits that insufficient airspeed and inadequate use of available engine power resulted in the accident.

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RAF 2000 GTX-SE, G-BXAC 02-09.pdf (249.65 kb)

Published 10 December 2014