RAF 200 GTX-SE, G-REBA, 1 June 2006



The gyroplane was being flown from Watchford Farm in Devon to Bodmin airfield in Cornwall by the pilot who was also the owner and builder. Approximately 2.8 nm north-east of Bodmin Airfield at a height of about 450 ft agl, a witness saw the main rotor blades stop. The gyroplane fell to the ground fatally injuring the pilot. The main rotor blades had contacted the vertical stabiliser, propeller and rudder. During the course of this investigation a programme of test flying was conducted by the UK CAA, primarily as a result of an earlier accident. Undesirable handling characteristics of the RAF 2000 were identified. As a result the CAA has published Mandatory Permit Directive MPD 2006-013, restricting operation of the type. The investigation has identified an undiagnosed medical problem, pre-impact mechanical interference of the control runs and undesirable handing characteristics of the gyroplane, but has not identified the precise cause of the accident. However any combination of these factors could have caused the accident. Four Safety Recommendations have been made.

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RAF 2000 GTX-SE, G-REBA 09-07.pdf (761.14 kb)

Published 10 December 2014