AAIB investigation to Quik GT450, G-JULE

Loss of control during landing, Mayfield Airstrip, Ormskirk, Lancashire, 18 April 2014.


The pilot was landing on Runway 02 at a private airstrip in surface wind conditions that he later estimated to be north-westerly at 10 kt. During the landing roll, approximately halfway along the grass runway, the pilot described the crosswind lifting the left wing, causing the right wing to strike the ground. The right wing was damaged by the ground impact and the aircraft rolled onto its right side, damaging the pod. The pilot assessed the cause of the accident to be his underestimation of the crosswind during the landing roll.

Download report:

Quik GT450 G-JULE 07-14.pdf (132.55 kb)

Published 10 December 2014