Pulsar XP, G-BUZB, 22 May 2012

Pulsar XP, G-BUZB


The aircraft was landing on a 500 m long grass airstrip. The strip was orientated east-west and the surface wind was westerly at about 10 kt, the windsock indicating that it was blowing directly along the strip. Upon touchdown, the left landing gear seemed to receive a small ‘thump’ and the aircraft rolled to an abrupt stop in about half the usual landing distance, during which it pitched forward onto its nose. The propeller broke and the engine, which was at idle power, stopped. The pilot secured the aircraft and vacated normally.

It was evident that the left landing gear leg had failed and that the wheel no longer tracked correctly. The pilot surmised that the leg had been subject to an undetected sideways load or that the wheel had caught a rut or hole at touchdown. However, there had been no appreciable crosswind and a strip inspection revealed no obvious irregularities.

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Pulsar XP G-BUZB 09-12.pdf (223.10 kb)

Published 10 December 2014