Pulsar, G-MCMS, 25 July 2004

Pulsar, G-MCMS


The aircraft was on a cross-country flight from Perth to Oban. At 4,000 feet the pilot detected a slight burning smell. He increased the power but the engine did not respond. The pilot declared a MAYDAY and selected a field to land in. At approximately 1,000 feet agl the engine seized. The aircraft touched down hard, the landing gear separated during the ground roll over rough pasture and the aircraft decelerated rapidly to a rest. The engine had run out of coolant because the port radiator’s outboard hose coupling had detached from the radiator. Metallurgical examination revealed that the coupling had probably failed due to fatigue. An incorrect hose type had been used to attach the coupling to the engine. A recommendation was made to the Popular Flying Association that they should notify Pulsar owners of the particulars of this accident and the importance to check that their radiator couplings are not cracked or leaking, and that approved radiator hoses are fitted.

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Published 10 December 2014