Pulsar, G-BSFA, 27 May 2005

Pulsar, G-BSFA


The pilot had purchased the aircraft on 11 May 2005. He had asked a Popular Flying Association coach to give him tuition on it, as he had no previous experience on the type, but the coach explained that he could not do this until the aircraft was formally registered in the new owner’s name. The pilot then obtained a verbal brief on the aircraft from the previous owner, and elected to fly the aircraft solo. The aircraft departed Gloucester without incident, and the pilot flew around the local area for some time, before returning to land. The pilot described the first touchdown on Gloucester’s Runway 09 as ‘heavy’, and stated that the aircraft bounced slightly before touching down again in a level attitude. Soon after the second touchdown, the nose landing gear collapsed and the propeller struck the runway surface, causing the engine to stop. The aircraft slid to a stop and the pilot vacated the aircraft uninjured and without difficulty.

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Published 10 December 2014