Pitts S-2A Pitts Special, G-ODDS, 2 July 2011

Pitts S-2A Pitts Special, G-ODDS


The aircraft was returning from a solo aerobatic flight to the south of White Waltham Aerodrome. The weather was good, with the surface wind calm, and the aircraft was positioned for a landing on Runway 21. Following a normal approach, the aircraft bounced on touchdown and the pilot performed a go around, rejoining the circuit for a second approach. On the second approach, the pilot maintained the normal approach speed of 85 mph IAS and flared the aircraft, touching down at the normal point on the grass runway. The pilot applied the wheel brakes and the aircraft tipped forward onto its nose. The pilot isolated the fuel and, having notified ATC of the situation, vacated the aircraft. The pilot and pilot’s instructor, who observed the landing, considered that the accident was caused by the brakes being applied too early and too heavily after touchdown.

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Published 10 December 2014