Pitts S-1C, G-BOZS, 2 September 2005

Pitts S-1C, G-BOZS


Following a local flight the pilot had returned to the airfield for a landing on Runway 31 grass. During the landing, as he initiated the flare, the aircraft ballooned and then descended rapidly resulting in a heavy touchdown. The suspension bungee on the right main gear leg broke causing the right gear leg to collapse and the propeller to strike the ground. The aircraft rolled on its wheels for a further 23 metres while veering to the right before coming to rest. The pilot was able to exit the aircraft unassisted. The pilot stated that he probably misjudged his height during the flare because his perception of height was based on his view of a fence approximately 300 metres to his left. Runway 31 grass sloped downwards and to the right in the direction of landing and therefore the runway surface beneath the aircraft was lower than the base of the fence. If there was any lesson to be learnt the pilot stated that he should have looked both left and right during the flare to better judge his height above the ground.

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Published 10 December 2014