Piper PA-38-112, G-OATS, 27 October 2005

Piper PA-38-112, G-OATS


The pilot reported that he joined the circuit at Sheffield in a downwind position for Runway 10. The surface wind was southerly at eight to ten kt and there was some turbulence on the base leg and final approach. On his first approach the pilot overshot the centreline and initiated a go-around at 400 ft. On the subsequent circuit the turn onto final approach was again wide, but the pilot regained the extended centreline and then elected to use only the first stage of flap because of the turbulence. The pilot recalled that as he commenced the flare the airspeed had increased to 85 to 90 kt (the normal approach speed for the aircraft is 70 kt with two stages of flap); he then held the aircraft off the runway, with the throttle closed, in order to lose speed prior to the touchdown. The aircraft landed hard on the main landing gear and bounced. The pilot was unable to regain control and the aircraft bounced twice more, the nose landing gear collapsing on the third bounce. Both occupants vacated the aircraft without difficulty and there was no fire. The pilot reported that, with hindsight, he believed he should have used the second stage of flaps and that a go-around would have prevented the accident.

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Published 10 December 2014