Piper PA-32RT-300 Cherokee Lance II, G-RHHT, 14 July 2009

Piper PA-32RT-300 Cherokee Lance II, G-RHHT


The pilot carried out a daily check of the aircraft prior to starting the engine and taxiing to the refuelling point where 69 litres were uplifted. Following post start-up and pre-departure checks the pilot, with ATC approval, took off and set course for his destination airfield. When the aircraft was approximately 3 miles from the destination airfield the pilot carried out the “downwind checks” which should have included lowering the landing gear. At about 300 ft on final approach the pilot selected the final stage of flap but retrospectively cannot remember checking to see that the three green landing gear ‘down and locked’ lights were illuminated. As the pilot flared the aircraft the propeller hit the runway and it skidded on its lower fuselage in a fairly straight line for about 400 yards before coming to a halt but not before the right wing impacted a low level light which spun the aircraft to the right.

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Published 10 December 2014