Piper PA-32R-300, G-BSYC, 25 June 2005

Piper PA-32R-300, G-BSYC


The pilot, who owned the aircraft, had been conducting a local flight from Wolverhampton airport where Runway 04 was the runway in use. Weather conditions were fine, with a surface wind from 050º (M) at 11 kt. After flying for nearly one hour the pilot re-joined the circuit at Wolverhampton via left base but had to request an orbit in order to gain separation from an aircraft ahead. The pilot carried out a normal approach but, as the aircraft was in the landing flare, the gear warning horn sounded. The pilot was aware that the aircraft seemed to be settling lower than normal and considered a go-around, but by this time the aircraft had touched down with the landing gear retracted. The aircraft came to a stop on the runway and the uninjured pilot was able to vacate without difficulty. The airfield fire service attended the scene, followed by the local emergency services. In an honest report, the pilot stated that he had forgotten to lower the undercarriage. He had just returned from a two week visit to the USA where he had flown some 40 hours in fixed-undercarriage PA-28s. The pilot considered that this recent flying had contributed to his error. The late, unplanned orbit to gain separation from the other aircraft would have been an additional distraction.

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Published 10 December 2014