Piper PA-32-301 Saratoga, G-BMDC, 16 September 2007

Piper PA-32-301 Saratoga, G-BMDC


The pilot was attempting to take off from the shorter of two runways at a private airstrip at Shotteswell, near Banbury, having earlier landed on the longer runway. Advice in the airstrip’s entry in a general aviation flight guide indicated that a takeoff by that type of aircraft, from that runway and flown by a pilot of his experience was not recommended. During the takeoff the aircraft cleared a hedge at the upwind end of the runway but stalled and struck trees on the far side of a road running alongside the airstrip. The aircraft crashed in the field beyond and the pilot was fatally injured. There was no fire. Subsequent performance calculations indicated that there was insufficient clear distance on the short runway for the takeoff to be successful.

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Published 10 December 2014