Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, G-ATEW, 30 May 2009

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, G-ATEW


During the landing the aircraft arrived over the runway threshold at 100 KIAS and then the pilot reduced the power and flared slightly. He stated that the aircraft made a harder landing than normal but not “over-hard” and then rolled normally along the runway. After a ground roll of about 300 feet the pilot looked to his right and then moved his hand to turn off the fuel pumps. At about the same time he became aware of a sinking feeling which continued until the aircraft was sliding along the runway on its belly. When the aircraft came to a rest, both the pilot and passenger were able to exit via the main door. An examination of the aircraft did not reveal any damage that would explain a gear collapse, and therefore it was probable that the gear had retracted although there was insufficient information available to determine why this had happened.

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Published 10 December 2014