Piper PA-30, N7976Y, 18 June 2010

Piper PA-30, N7976Y


The aircraft was being flown from Jersey to Southampton at an altitude of 3,500 ft in Visual Meteorological Conditions when the pilot noted a marked drop in performance of the left engine. Despite checking engine control positions and selecting an alternative fuel tank, he could not restore power. He decided to keep the engine running as it appeared to producing some power and the oil pressure was normal. A PAN was declared to Solent Radar who gave permission for a straight-in approach to Southampton Airport. As the flight continued the pilot found it increasingly difficult to maintain height and he decided to land at an airstrip near Lymington as he thought he would be unable to reach Southampton. To avoid creating extra drag, he did not extend the landing gear or flaps until on final approach. The landing gear had not locked down by the time the aircraft landed and it collapsed on touchdown causing the aircraft to stop quickly. The pilot and passenger were able to vacate the aircraft unaided and once clear they advised Solent Radar of the outcome via the emergency services.

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