Piper PA-28R-200, G-BHIR, 21 August 2003

Piper PA-28R-200, G-BHIR


A sudden loss of engine power shortly after take-off forced the pilot to land the aircraft in a field. The landing was made with the landing gear retracted but the only available field was short and the aircraft over-ran and collided with trees, tearing off both wings and injuring the pilot. The power loss was caused by release of one of the engine connecting rods from the crankshaft due to fracturing of the big-end bolts. One of the bolts showed signs of extensive low-cycle fatigue cracking, consistent with the nut having been loose and it was possible that the nuts had not been adequately torque tightened during the last engine overhaul. The available evidence however, was limited by component damage and did not allow the cause of the engine failure to be positively determined.

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Published 10 December 2014