Piper PA-28-181, N4144N, 22 October 2011

Piper PA-28-181, N4144N


Whilst landing on asphalt Runway 08 at Alderney, the aircraft bounced before drifting to the left of the runway centreline. The reported wind was 170° at 14 kt (the aircraft maximum demonstrated crosswind limit is 17 kt). As the aircraft touched down for a second time, the left mainwheel struck a runway edge light, which rendered the left brake inoperative. Approaching the end of the runway, the pilot applied heavy right wheel braking and right rudder, with the intent of making a 180° turn. The aircraft departed the right side of the runway, where it struck a wooden fence post and came to a stop. The pilot and passenger were uninjured and exited the aircraft through the cabin door.

The pilot considered that the cause of the accident had been the inability to control the left drift following the initial touchdown.

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Published 10 December 2014