Piper PA-28-180, G-BCCF, 4 April 2007

Piper PA-28-180, G-BCCF


The pilot was planning to depart from Sleap Airfield for a flight to Manchester Airport. Runway 05 was in use and local procedures involved taxiing along the intersecting Runway 18 and then making a 90 degree turn to the right towards the threshold of Runway 05. The pilot was unfamiliar with this procedure so he followed three other aircraft which were already taxiing down Runway 18. The pilot reported that, at the southern end of Runway 18, he failed to negotiate the right turn correctly and his left wing struck a wooden post from a barbed wire fence which was located close to the taxiway. The impact caused the aircraft to swerve to the left, resulting in the propeller hitting the barbed wire and the engine stopping abruptly.

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Published 10 December 2014