Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II, G-LACB, 20 November 2009

Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II, G-LACB


G-LACB was parked near the fuel pumps with the parking brake off. The student pilot (who had flown solo several times) decided to taxi G-LACB closer to the fuel pumps before re-fuelling; his instructor was not present. He started the engine and the aircraft began to move forward. He reported that because of his seating position, he could not apply the brakes. In attempting to stop the aircraft, he depressed the left rudder pedal, causing the aircraft to turn to the left. The aircraft accelerated towards, and collided with a parked aircraft, G-BHRB. The first three items of the flying school’s checklist for the PA-28 internal checks stated:

  1. seat: adjusted and locked
  2. hatches, harnesses: closed and secured
  3. parking brake: on

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Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II, G-LACB 02-10.pdf (237.91 kb)

Published 10 December 2014