Piper PA-28-160, G-ARVU, 4 February 2006

Piper PA-28-160, G-ARVU


The pilot was taxiing from the fuel pumps, after refuelling his aircraft, to a temporary parking area where he intended to pick up two passengers. Having monitored the left wing to ensure that it was clear of the pumps he looked over to the right wing. A combination of bright sun and a misted windscreen made it difficult for him to see out to the right at first; he then saw the wing of a parked aircraft to his right but was unable to stop in time to prevent a collision. The parked aircraft was a low wing type and its left wing was positioned above the tarmac on the right side of the taxiway. G-ARVU was being taxied along the marked centreline of the taxiway. The pilot commented that because his engine had not been running for long the windscreen demist was ineffective, he had also learned that if you can’t see you should stop and if necessary exit the aircraft to assess the situation.

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Published 10 December 2014