Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer, G-APYI, 26 October 2012

Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer, G-APYI


G-APYI is a Piper Tri-pacer aircraft (built with a tricycle landing gear) converted to a tailwheel configuration.

The pilot was taking off from his grass airstrip, the runway of which is 475 m long, oriented 24/06 and is bordered at each end by hedges. The runway also cuts through two hedges at about its midpoint. The wind was from the north-west at 10 kt and the aircraft was taking off on Runway 24, which has a downward slope. The pilot stated that, after about 150 m of ground roll, the aircraft encountered a soft patch of grass and the combination of this with the crosswind caused him to lose directional and the aircraft slid into a hedge to the left of the runway

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Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer G-APYI 04-13.pdf (172.65 kb)

Published 10 December 2014