Piper PA-18-150 (Modified) Super Cub, G-BJIV, 27 August 2013

Piper PA-18-150 (Modified) Super Cub, G-BJIV


During the aircraft daily inspection prior to conducting glider towing, the right front bolt securing the landing gear suspension arm was found to be bent. The aircraft was considered safe to fly pending fitment of new bolts, which was accomplished at about 1330 hrs. It was thereafter flown until 1645 hrs, when it was refuelled and a different pilot commenced the next session of glider tows.

Returning from a glider tow, the pilot landed on Runway 20 at a speed of 60 kt in nil wind conditions. During the ground roll the aircraft hit a small bump and became airborne before landing again in a manner which he “did not consider a heavy landing”. The right landing gear partially collapsed due to failure of an attachment bracket and the aircraft started to slew to the right. Whilst still in motion, the pilot shut down the engine and electrics. The aircraft then encountered a rut which collapsed the right gear completely, followed by the left gear.

The pilot reported that several cracked components were subsequently found in the landing gear structure; it is not known whether this damage was pre-existing or the result of the gear collapse.

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Published 10 December 2014