Pioneer 300 Pioneer, G-EKIM, 4 March 2013

Pioneer 300 Pioneer, G-EKIM


The aircraft arrived at Chiltern Park from the south-west, expecting to land on grass Runway 22L/04R. However, the pilot saw that that runway was being used to lay out a hot air balloon prior to flight, so he selected Runway 33 instead and made a descending right turn towards the threshold. He stated that he crossed the threshold “possibly a bit too fast” at a height of 100 ft and the first touchdown caused the aircraft to bounce slightly. On the third touchdown the nosewheel hit a bump and collapsed, causing the propeller and engine cowling to strike the ground as the aircraft came to a halt.

Whilst remarking that the runway surface was somewhat uneven, the pilot acknowledged that the accident was caused by too much speed prior to touchdown coupled with his failure to go around as the bouncing commenced.

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Published 10 December 2014