Pioneer 300, G-ZZZG, 12 September 2008

Pioneer 300, G-ZZZG


On his return to the airfield, the pilot noticed a heavy rain shower overhead and decided to hold to allow it to pass. Abergavenny has a grass runway with a length of 660 m and which slopes down slightly from either end of the runway, and towards the centreline. The approach and landing were normal; however, about 30m after touchdown the aircraft veered to the left. The pilot attempted to regain the centreline by applying corrective rudder and nosewheel steering, without effect. Realising that if he continued with the landing, the aircraft would impact the airfield fence and the trees beyond, he applied full power and further corrective control inputs. Although the aircraft turned slightly, the pilot considered that there was a risk of hitting the trees while airborne and he opted to allow the aircraft to strike the fence. The aircraft spun through 270° resulting in substantial damage. The pilot was later told that the rainfall prior to his arrival had been very heavy and the ground was still waterlogged. He considered that the amount of water on the runway had been sufficient to flood the runway and he subsequently noted that the left wing and landing gear were heavily contaminated with mud.

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Published 10 December 2014