Pioneer 300, G-TREX, 7 March 2007

Pioneer 300, G-TREX


After extending the landing gear the green light, to indicate that the landing gear was down and locked, did not illuminate, but a visual inspection through the clear panel in the nose gear bay revealed that the nose gear appeared to be fully extended. The pilot pulled the circuit breaker for the electric gear extension and then applied the manual handle for gear extension, but no further movement could be obtained. He raised the gear partially using the manual handle and then re-extended it, resulting in the nose gear returning to its original position. He therefore assumed that the gear was extended and that there was a light indication problem. The pilot carried out a normal approach and landing, but when the nose of the aircraft was lowered, the nose gear collapsed and the propeller struck the ground. The aircraft slid to a stop with its lower cowling resting on the ground. The pilot examined the aircraft and discovered that a wiring loom had jammed the nose gear screwjack. This prevented the nose gear from fully extending and prevented the over-centre downlock from engaging.

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Published 10 December 2014