Pietenpol Air Camper, G-RAGS, 24 April 2011

Pietenpol Air Camper, G-RAGS


The aircraft was flown by a pilot with a flying instructor for dual flying experience. The pilot took off from Shobdon, flew to the Clee Hill area and then returned to perform touch-and-go practice. The grass strip adjacent to Runway 09 was being used for this exercise. The wind was reported to be five to seven knots from the north with benign weather conditions. At a height of approximately 20 ft after the second touch-and-go, the aircraft veered to the right. The pilot started correcting when the instructor took control. The aircraft was flown across the asphalt runway to the right and landed on the adjacent grass. The landing gear collapsed on landing, damaging the engine cowling and front strut but no injuries were sustained. It was reported that a modification had recently been approved to address undercarriage collapse issues but it had not been embodied on this aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014