Pierre Robin HR200/120B, G-BYLH, 13 June 2009

Pierre Robin HR200/120B, G-BYLH


The student pilot was flying his second solo flight, a circuit consolidation exercise which included visual circuits using Runway 32. The weather was fine, with a light westerly wind. The pilot completed four ‘touch and go’ landings without incident, and was landing from his fifth approach when the accident occurred. As the aircraft nose wheel was lowered to the runway, the aircraft veered to the left; the pilot was unable to correct the deviation with rudder and the aircraft left the paved surface at the side of the runway. The pilot was uninjured and the aircraft suffered only minor damage. The pilot’s instructor remarked that other students had experienced problems with directional control on this type of aircraft. The operator was unable to find any fault on the aircraft and commented that the manufacturer had advised reducing the tyre pressure in the nosewheel to aid directional control on hard runways. Since the incident, the aircraft has flown without a repetition of this occurrence.

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Published 10 December 2014