Pierre Robin HR100/210 Safari II, G-BLWF, 17 April 2010

Pierre Robin HR100/210 Safari II, G-BLWF


The aircraft contained about 50 litres of fuel in each of the inner wing tanks, with the outer wing tanks virtually empty. For the flight, the pilot selected the left outer tank on the fuel selector cock in the mistaken belief that this was the position for the left inner tank. The identification placard on the fuel selector cock was badly scratched and barely legible. After 35 minutes of flight the engine began to misfire, prompting the pilot to head back to the airfield, approximately five miles away. A short distance from the runway the engine stopped and the aircraft landed heavily in a field of crops. The aircraft suffered significant damage to the right and nose landing gear and also to the right wing, engine bay and firewall. The pilot was uninjured.

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Published 10 December 2014