Pierre Robin HR100/200B G-CBFN, 29 May 2005

Pierre Robin HR100/200B, G-CBFN


The aircraft had completed a flight to Perranporth where the landing was uneventful, as was the subsequent taxiing and airborne portion of the return flight. The pilot reported that following a normal approach to Runway 25 at Blackbushe, the aircraft touched down normally. However, when the pilot applied the brakes he felt no retardation, around 200 m before the end of the runway he made an RT transmission stating ‘brake failure’ and the aircraft overran the end of the runway coming to rest on a small bank in amongst some gorse bushes. There was a history of braking problems on this aircraft which had already resulted in one overrun incident. The nature of the damage to the brake pads was consistent with braking being applied resulting in little retardation. It was not possible to determine whether the incident resulted from disbonding of significant amounts of friction material, or simply from an absence of material due to excessive wear. However, metallurgical examination did produce evidence that the friction material had been bonded to an oxide layer on the backing plates, which could have caused a weak bond. The brakes pads fitted were not manufacturer approved parts and had been relined.

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Published 10 December 2014