Percival Proctor 3, G-ALJF, 30 January 2011

Percival Proctor 3, G-ALJF


After landing on Runway 03 of Biggin Hill Airport the pilot vacated the runway and taxied south on Taxiway A. The aircraft has a tailwheel landing gear so, when on the ground, the nose obscures the pilot’s forward view, requiring ‘S’ turns to establish that the way ahead is clear. During one of these manoeuvres the pilot took the aircraft further to the side of the centreline than intended, and the left gear contacted the warning light for the A3 hold point. The left undercarriage collapsed and the aircraft came to rest on the grass area next to the holding point. The left undercarriage attachment had failed causing damage to the undercarriage, oil tank and the surrounding wing area. Slight damage to the A3 hold warning light was reported. The pilot was uninjured.

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Published 10 December 2014