Pegasus Xl-Q, G-MTTY, 19 February 2013

Pegasus Xl-Q, G-MTTY


The pilot had not flown for some time, so intended practicing takeoffs and landings from a farm strip. The weather was fine, with a surface wind from the south-east of 4 to 6 kt. The grass strip was orientated 06/24; the pilot elected to take off and land in the south-westerly direction, giving a cross wind from the left.

The pilot felt the first landing was bumpy, so took off again to practice another. Touchdown on the second landing was smooth but on the left side of the strip. As the pilot attempted to steer the aircraft right towards the centre of the strip, it rolled over onto its left side. He thought the aircraft may have been travelling too fast for the corrective manoeuvre, placing excessive loading on the left main wheel and nose wheel and causing the nose wheel to sink into the soft surface.

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Published 10 December 2014