Pegasus Quik, G-SHEZ, 31 August 2010

Pegasus Quik, G-SHEZ


The aircraft was approaching to land on Runway 36 at Bycross Farm airstrip in calm wind conditions. The pilot reported that, due to an excessive approach speed, the aircraft landed long on the 235 m grass runway, which had a wet surface due to the formation of dew. The pilot applied the brakes fully which caused the aircraft to skid on the wet runway surface and the right wing contacted the ground. The aircraft rolled onto its right side, bending the right wing leading edge and the king post, and damaging the right wheel spat. The pilot and his passenger were uninjured and were able to leave the aircraft without further incident. The pilot reported that he had placed himself under pressure to land expeditiously due to his passenger becoming nervous. He considered that with hindsight, and given the calm wind conditions at the time, he should have gone around and landed on the longer 300 m Runway 27/09 that was also available to him. The pilot commented that the dew formation was surprisingly rapid as the grass surfaces at the airstrip were dry when he had taken off 30 minutes earlier.

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Published 10 December 2014