Pegasus Quik, G-CWIK, 12 May 2012

Pegasus Quik, G-CWIK


The aircraft was being flown by an experienced microlight pilot who was accompanied by the owner, as a passenger, occupying the rear seat. They were transiting from Perth to Glenforsa, on the Isle of Mull, at about 6,000 ft, above scattered cloud. Approximately 2 nm east of Ben More mountain, in Stirlingshire, the aircraft descended in good visibility, remaining clear of the cloud. The descent and flight up to one second before impact was recorded on a video camera attached to the aircraft. The aircraft levelled off below the cloud base and approximately 100 ft above the summit of the mountain. It continued towards the mountain and encountered severe turbulence in the lee of the summit. This appeared to cause the pilot to lose control of the aircraft, which impacted the south side of the summit, fatally injuring both occupants.

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Published 10 December 2014