Pegasus Quantum 15 Quantum, G-MZBB, 21 July 2012

Pegasus Quantum 15 Quantum, G-MZBB


The pilot reported that the aircraft was five miles into a 20 mile flight from a farm strip at Kingsmuir to Fife Airport when at a height of approximately 1,200 feet the engine suddenly stopped. He positioned the aircraft for an into wind field landing, but at a height of approximately 25 feet he encountered a down draft and at the same time noticed a row of electrical cables ahead of the aircraft. The aircraft struck the electrical cables, causing them to break. The forward flying wires between the basebar and the nose plate of the wing also broke and the aircraft descended rapidly to the ground where it rolled onto its left side.

While the pilot and passenger were uninjured, the pod, wing and monopole were all damaged in the accident. The reason for the engine stoppage is not known at this time.

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Pegasus Quantum 15 G-MZBB 11-12.pdf (219.44 kb)

Published 10 December 2014