Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MZOV, 23 June 2009

Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MZOV


During the first operation following routine engine maintenance, the pilot flew a number of touch-and-go circuits, before conducting a local flight in the vicinity of the airfield. On his return, he completed a standard overhead join and commenced his descent to circuit height on the dead side of the runway. Half-way through the descent, the pilot applied power to warm the engine. On reaching the required height of 600 ft he levelled out, but noted the engine was slow to accelerate again. As there was other traffic in the circuit the pilot elected to continue, but on base leg the engine started to fade and then stopped. The landing site options were limited, so the pilot chose the field with the least dense crop cover. He manoeuvred into the flare as slowly as possible, but the vegetation caused the trike to pitch forward onto the nose gear, bending it at a welded joint. The aircraft came to rest without injury to the pilot. No causal defects were identified during repair of the aircraft. The pilot reported that the atmospheric conditions were conducive to carburettor icing, but added that this engine and installation were not particularly prone to the problem.

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Published 10 December 2014