Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MYRN, 17 November 2012

Pegasus Quantum 15, G-MYRN


The aircraft took off from Perth Aerodrome for a 40 minute flight. It had flown earlier that day without fault, and the pilot had refuelled it prior to his flight. The weather conditions were clear and dry with light winds, but cold.

About five minutes after takeoff the engine started to run rough, although the engine instruments showed normal indications. The pilot reduced power and identified a farm field in which to land. As he neared the field, he realised that it was crossed by wire fencing. With the engine now stopped, he was forced to manoeuvre to avoid the fencing, and eventually landed in a muddy field north of the chosen one. The aircraft turned over, sustaining minor damage, although the pilot was not injured.

The pilot subsequently dismantled the engine, which was found to have seized. The reason for the seizure was not positively confirmed, but the pilot believed that it may have been due to a lack of lubrication. Prior to refuelling for the flight, he put the correct amount of lubricant in the fuel tank, followed by the fuel (MOGAS). He considered it possible that inadequate mixing of the two had taken place.

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Published 10 December 2014