Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-CCWN, 16 September 2008

Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-CCWN


The flight was planned as a trial lesson and was the student’s first flight in a microlight. The Pegasus Quantum is a flex-wing microlight with a tandem seating arrangement in which the student occupied the front seat. Durng the flight the instructor progressively allowed the student to take control and he flew a circuit follwed by an approach to land. The instructor described the student as flying ‘very well’. At around 100 ft the microlight began to drift to the right of the centreline and the instructor said ‘I have control’. The student pulled the control bar fully back and froze. The instructor immediately applied full power and attempted to push the bar forward. Despite repeated vocal commands the student did not release the control bar and the microlight struck the ground at around 80 mph. It bounced back into the air before touching down again and coming to rest around 40 m from the intial impact point. There were no injuries.

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Published 10 December 2014