Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-BYYY, 28 March 2011

Pegasus Quantum 15-912, G-BYYY


The pilot, who was undergoing a course of training on the aircraft, had completed 10 min of dual flight followed by 50 min of solo flight when he made an approach to Runway 06N with the intention of carrying out a touch and go. He reported that immediately before touchdown the aircraft encountering a sudden gust of wind that caused the aircraft to drift left. The aircraft touched down on the left edge of the grass runway heading towards a rough grass area beside it. The pilot was aware of a tree “some distance away” and, concerned that the aircraft might collide with it, attempted to get airborne. Acceleration in the rough grass was slower than the pilot expected and the aircraft became airborne with insufficient height to clear the tree or manoeuvre around it. Impact between the pod and the tree stopped the aircraft. The pilot was uninjured but the pod and propeller were damaged. The pilot concluded that the accident was caused by an unforeseen gust of wind that, at a critical moment, was outside his experience on this aircraft type.

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