Pegasus Photon, G-MTAL, 5 September 2007

Pegasus Photon, G-MTAL


The pilot took off on his maiden flight in G-MTAL. At the time Runway 30 was in use and the surface wind was from 315º at 3 to 6 kt. Soon after getting airborne the pilot found that the conditions were “rougher” than he anticipated. On his first approach to land the pilot elected to Go Around due to turbulence. During his subsequent approach the conditions were “much better”, however, after touched down the aircraft encountered a gust of wind and the aircraft rolled left. The pilot was unable to control the subsequent roll, and the aircraft rotated about its front and left wheel, before it came to rest on the left wings leading edge, causing damage to its wing keel, king post and fuselage pod. The pilot received an injury to the back of his left hand that required hospital attention. In an open and frank report the pilot stated that the causes of the accident were his lack of familiarity with the aircraft and the wind conditions. Additionally, he agreed that his lack of flying recency was likely to have been a contributory factor.

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Published 10 December 2014