P & M Aviation QuikR, UR-KWIK, 7 July 2013

P & M Aviation QuikR, UR-KWIK


The Ukranian-based microlight was about to land on Runway 25 at Glenforsa when the pilot noticed a formation of birds to his left. The birds, believed to be geese or large ducks, were at the same height (about 6 to 8 ft) and crossing ahead of the microlight, passing approximately over the runway threshold. The pilot considered flying a go-around, but thought the chances of colliding with the birds would have been high. He therefore made a late course correction to the left, before turning right again to land diagonally across the runway. The grass surface was wet and, despite turning off the engine, the pilot was unable to stop the microlight before it ran off the right hand side of the runway. It collided with a boundary fence, sustaining minor damage to the glass fibre pod. Neither occupant was injured. The microlight was subsequently repaired and flew back to the Ukraine.

The airfield operator advised that considerable damage was caused to the airfield boundary fence. The airfield website advised visiting pilots that _‘geese are a moderate hazard all year round’. _

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