P & M Aviation QuikR, G-CFXZ, 15 October 2013

P & M Aviation QuikR, G-CFXZ


Prior to the flight the pilot had briefed his passenger not to put his feet on the steering bar. At the time the weather was good with the wind from 360° at 6 to 8 kt.

After a normal approach and landing on Runway 07 the left main wheel lifted momentarily. The aircraft then started turning right but when the pilot tried to correct this using the steering bar he found he was unable to do so as the passenger had braced his feet on it. The aircraft subsequently left the runway and rolled onto its left wing after hitting a fence. The aircraft was extensively damaged and the pilot suffered minor injuries to his chest. The passenger was uninjured.

The pilot believed the left main wheel lifted due to a combination of the crosswind and hitting a bump on the runway.

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Published 10 December 2014