P and M Aviation Quik GTR, G-RSAM, 30 June 2013

P and M Aviation Quik GTR, G-RSAM


The microlight was landing at Wingland after a flight from Great Oakley Airfield. The weather was generally fine but the wind, which was estimated at 15 kt, was slightly turbulent and gusty. On arrival overhead Wingland, the pilot found the windsock to be indistinct. Based on his observation of nearby wind turbines, he decided the wind direction favoured grass Runway 20 and made an approach accordingly. The microlight became high on the approach, so the pilot flew a go-around, during which he noted that the windsock was indicating that Runway 13 was more suitable. He therefore flew an approach to grass Runway 13, a new runway which is about 240 m in length. Just above the surface, the microlight encountered unexpected sink and bounced, before settling on the runway. The pilot commenced braking but it soon became apparent that the microlight would not stop in the available distance remaining, which, by that time, was also insufficient for a safe go-around. The microlight overran the prepared surface and ran into a dyke, suffering extensive damage. The pilot, who was uninjured, later assessed the actual surface wind as being from 220° at 15 kt.

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