North American P-51D-20 Mustang, G-BIXL, 13 July 2008

North American P-51D-20 Mustang, G-BIXL


G-BIXL was on a final approach to land on a grass runway when the engine began to run roughly. The pilot advanced the throttle which led to a marked reduction in power. The aircraft touched down on the grass short of the runway but was forced back into the air when it crossed the lip of a raised taxiway. During the following touchdown and deceleration, the left main gear was damaged and the propeller hit the ground before the aircraft came to a halt. The cause of the rough running and power loss was not positively determined at the time of publication of this report.

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An Addendum was issued concerning this report in the August 2011 Bulletin
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Published 10 December 2014