MW5D Sorcerer, G-MZEI, 2 September 2004

MW5D Sorcerer, G-MZEI


The pilot had recently purchased the aircraft and on the day before the accident, he had assembled it and carried out some taxiing trials to familiarise himself with it. On the day of the accident the pilot once again confirmed that the aircraft was properly assembled and following further taxi practice, he elected to carry out his first flight on the type. The aircraft accelerated quickly and became airborne after what seemed like a short take-off run following which, the pilot experienced difficulty in controlling the aircraft, mainly in pitch but also in roll. Despite having inadvertently applied substantial nose-down trim before takeoff and having applied full forward control column after becoming airborne, the pilot was unable to lower the nose of the aircraft. After a short distance, the right wing dropped and the aircraft impacted the grass area to the north of the runway in an inverted attitude, seriously injuring the pilot.

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Published 10 December 2014