MW5 Sorcerer, G-MWSX, 10 August 2013

MW5 Sorcerer, G-MWSX


The pilot was conducting a local flight from Tinnell Farm strip in Cornwall. On the final approach to the strip from the north-east, just before entering the field boundary of the landing strip, he encountered turbulence and lost control. The pilot recalls the aircraft turning left and the ground rushing up but no further detail. The aircraft impacted the ground to the left of the centreline and came to rest a reported 15 m further east, facing to the west. Despite sustaining serious injuries, the pilot managed to call for help on his mobile and was attended by the police and ambulance services. The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The pilot reported that the wind had increased considerably during his one and a half hour flight. He considered that a rapid loss of airspeed in the lee of the trees situated on the field boundary to the side of the approach path had resulted in a stall and spin.

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Published 10 December 2014