Morane Saulnier Rallye 235E, G-MELV, 24 August 2006

Morane Saulnier Rallye 235E, G-MELV


The pilot unintentionally landed on a road which he had miss-identified for Shobdon’s Runway 27. Shortly after touching down the aircraft ran over a speed bump which caused it to veer left and leave the road. The left wing hit a small tree and the right wing hit a lamp post, causing the right wing to almost completely shear off. Once the aircraft came to rest the pilot was able to exit unassisted via the sliding canopy. The road that the aircraft had landed on was 4 nm east of Shobdon Airfield. It was approximately 600 m long and was positioned in the same east-west direction as Runway 27 at Shobdon. The road was closed with concrete blocks and gates positioned at each end.

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Published 10 December 2014