Morane Saulnier MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180, G-AVVJ, 17 August 2013

Morane Saulnier MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180, G-AVVJ


After an uneventful flight around north Norfolk, the pilot was returning to Felthorpe Airfield. He set up an approach to Runway 23; the wind was from 260º at 20 kt. At approximately 500 yds from the threshold the approach was normal, at a speed of 70 kt and with full flap selected.

Speed was reduced to 65 kt ‘over the hedge’ but at this point, a gust of wind lifted the right wing and the left wing contacted the first of a line of trees running from close to the runway threshold in a southerly direction. The contact with the tree caused the aircraft to yaw left and, despite the fact that the pilot tried to counter the swing, his low airspeed meant that he could not prevent the aircraft from entering the tree line again. Here it came to a halt, hanging nose down from the fourth tree and supported by its left wingtip on the ground; the engine had also detached. The pilot was uninjured and evacuated through the broken windscreen.

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Published 10 December 2014