Mooney M20K 231, D-EKUR, 25 July 2008

Mooney M20K 231, D-EKUR


Shortly after becoming airborne, the aircraft stalled and landed in a field of standing crop. The four occupants were uninjured and were able to vacate the aircraft without assistance. The aircraft sustained significant damage. The pilot candidly notes that he inadvertently reduced power below that required for safe flight and did not notice the low power setting in time. He considerers that this may have been due to the slightly bumpy runway and that his concentration was focused on the takeoff roll. Another person, who had discussed the accident with the pilot, reported that he had been concerned with avoiding a propeller strike and was keeping the weight off the nosewheel during the takeoff run. This rearward pressure on the controls may have led to the aircraft lifting off the earlier than intended. Once airborne, at a low speed, the high drag of this configuration would have prevented the aircraft from accelerating and climbing normally, especially if less than full power was applied.

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Published 10 December 2014