Mooney M20J G-JAST and Vans RV-4, G-MARX, 4 September 2010

Mooney M20J, G-JAST and Vans RV-4, G-MARX


The two aircraft, a Mooney M20J and a Vans RV-4, were participating in the Merlin Trophy Air Race, which started and finished at Bembridge Airport, on the Isle of Wight. The aircraft were closely matched on speed and after the last turn of the race the Mooney began to overtake the RV-4; shortly after which the two aircraft collided. The Mooney broke up in flight and fell to the ground; the pilot and his passenger were fatally injured. The RV-4 was badly damaged but the pilot managed to land at Bembridge Airport, the crew of the RV-4 having received minor injuries. The investigation determined that the pilot of the Mooney had probably been unable to see the RV-4 for approximately the final 39 seconds before the collision.

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